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Wizard Classic honors Coach Randy Shimabuku

The Wizard Classic Tournament held June 6, 7, 8, 2019, honored Coach Randy in appreciation for all the years he dedicated to developing young basketball players on Maui.

Coach Randy “Bones” Shimabuku loved the game of basketball. On the court he played the game like a “Wizard” doing amazing things with a basketball. His smooth style and ever-present smile, showed how much he loved and respected the game. And as much as he loved playing the game, he loved coaching and sharing his knowledge of the game with Maui’s young basketball players even more…. from the youth leagues to the high school level. He spent 40 years sharing and caring for them. He never lost his cool coaching his Baldwin JV players, and we will always remember his phrase, “You guys catch?” after drawing up another of his game winning plays.

Players were encouraged to share a smile with a teammate, and even more importantly, share a smile with an opponent. The Wizard would.

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